Cookies – Bohemian Christmas Cookie

Sometimes I Hate Not Having Jetpacks
It’s Sunday evening. Jacob has been driving back to school for the last 8 hours and still has 2 left because he ran into so much traffic along his journey. Ugh. It makes me jumpy and restless, him not being settled in yet.


In the meantime, I’ve been distracting myself with StumbleUpon–a rather old (relatively speaking) website that I learned about at least 10 years ago. The idea is that it’s a storehouse of randomly interesting websites that you “stumble upon.”

While I was stumbling around, I came across this website, called Writers Write. This writer gives a lot of great advice, including this particular blog post about avoiding the word “very” in writing. It’s better, she says, to use a more specific adjective–or better yet, use an active verb. Good advice!

Bohemian Christmas Cookies
This recipe (p. 91) from Lois A. calls for finely chopped pecans and chocolate. Can’t go wrong there! It’s an eggless cookie, so for those who want to avoid eggs for a variety of reasons, here’s a good recipe to try.

I wish I knew more about the Bohemian kingdom, but it appears from a quick online search that it used to be a portion of the Czech Republic. Through the passing on of customs from one family to the next, we have traditions like sharing this cookie recipe. That’s what I love about a church cookbook–it shows our various background, and we get to share in that.

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