Orange Kiss Me Cake

Kelly Here:

I’m starting to realize that if Julie calls herself a “reluctant cook”, I could be called a “distracted cook”! That might be why I have 5 recipes to write about at present, including one that I made almost a month ago!  More on my distraction later in the post.

This recipe is one my mother has made for dessert during our visits in Pennsylvania. I’ve enjoyed it, but have not been there to see the process.  The recipe from our cookbook was contributed by Bill and Judy E, it looks like it originated from Judy’s mom. I had such good memories of this cake, I eagerly volunteered to make it for Redeemer’s Oktoberfest Cake Walk.  It was exciting to hear the Oktoberfest was a good fundraiser for the youth group.  My children reported reselling the baked goods they won to keep the cake “walk/run” going.  I’m not sure how or if that helped cause, but a wonderful time was had by all!

Orange Kiss Me Cake

This cake is aptly named, as most of an orange, aside from its skin, was ground and reserved for use in topping the cake.  The ground orange mixture is combined with raisins and walnuts and set aside.


At Jewel getting oranges and a few other things needed for our big baking project!


While the boys were coming in and out of house from there clubhouse project, Betty Crocker Jr. and I were busy making the cakes for the Oktoberfest. After my bad experience with the Bundt pan, I decided to put the cake mix into disposable cake pans and then cut them in half after cooling. As I was doing this, I realized the orange/nut mixture that should’ve gone into that smooth batter pictured above!

The orange "kisses" are on outside of this cake... distracted cook forgot to add to batter

The orange “kisses” are on outside of this cake… distracted cook forgot to add to batter

I decided to just “garnish” the cakes with the forgotten ingredients and call it a day.  Hoping the family who won these in the cake walk enjoyed them



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  1. O, my! truly my daughter! I can’t imagine how that ‘kiss-me-cake’ tasted w/the key ingredients ON THE OUTSIDE of the cake – definitely a “different twist”!
    Kathryn Moran

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