Desserts – Pineapple Parfaits

My Next Project
A few of you have asked me what my next project will be once I finish the cookbook (which has only 15 recipes to go). The answer: I don’t know yet. But I must say I’ve liked this way of blogging quite a bit. I’ve had a blog for eons, but rarely update it because I never know who I’m writing for: teachers? readers of my books? other writers? Because I’m confused, my readership most certainly is.

This project has had much more clear definition, and it’s helped me to stay on track.

This week I received an unexpected package in the mail from one of our parishioners at our former church in Pittsburgh. What could it be? You’ll never guess! Their 90th anniversary cookbook! Cosmic irony? A sign that I should cook through yet another Lutheran cookbook? The funniest part is that I had no idea it was coming, and the sender had no idea I’ve been blogging about Redeemer’s cookbook.

I’m not sure my family nor my figure (such as it is) can manage to make it through another church cookbook. But you never know…I may sneak some of the best-looking recipes from that cookbook in once this project is at an end.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? This project is still a ways from being done and I only have 15 days to finish. We’ll sure get close, though. I may have to start begging a few more people for help.

Pineapple Parfaits

These treats (p. 85) are something that Lois A. enjoys with her family at Christmastime. They are tasty–very creamy with ice cream and whipped topping along with the pineapple flavor. Yum!


Nancy went all out at book club, and served not only these but also a chocolate tart with cherries.

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