Pepperoni Roll Appetizers

Here is a great recipe brought to us by the lovely Julie W, found on page 5 of the cookbook.  For anyone hosting a post holiday get together, this is an easy and fun recipe to serve your guests!

Here in the Quinn household, there was some improvisation that took place on this tasty appetizer and am sure that using Asiago cheese and pepperoni, as well as chilling as suggested, would yield even better results!


I had been wanting to make this delicious appetizer for a while and had the Pepperidge farm pastry sheets in my freezer.  Nancy O and Julie had both offered to take this off my list but given its similarity and popularity of my mom’s Stromboli recipe, I wanted to give it a try.

I decided, with my husband’s input, to improvise using leftover Summer Beer sausage instead of Pepperoni.  Apologies to the readers of German/Italian descent!!  Also, I had some shredded Swiss/Gruyere cheese from Trader Joe’s we used instead of Asiago cheese.  If I had to make this again (and my husband hopes so), I would use the pepperoni, shredded Asiago and chill (or freeze/thaw) prior to baking at 400.


Since I am not a huge fan of processed meat and had spinach mixture ready to make for another Spanikopita recipe, I decided to try that rolled up in the pastry roll for a change with the Swiss/Gruyere cheese sprinkled on top before I rolled it up.


My husband and son enjoyed leftovers of this tonight during Packer vs. Lion’s game 😉  NO need to discuss who they were routing for!!

IMG_2303 IMG_2302


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