Dreamsicle Punch

I had the pleasure of making this delicious punch for our welcome back reception on Thanksgiving Eve last month.  Before kids (BK, as I like to refer to it!), I was the “cookie party lady”.  Yes, a strange title for a Registered Dietitian!   I was in charge of reception after the children’s Christmas program each December.  I wish I had this fabulous punch recipe from page 105, given to us by the lovely Sheree G… much better than the punch I made from Southern Home Living magazine for years!

Being the cookie party lady, I was in charge of assembling trays of cookies donated by our Sunday school families, making punch and of course, decaffeinated coffee for the adults.  Truthfully, the most challenging part of my duties was making sure that the kids didn’t sneak any cookies before the program!  I came up with a mantra I now use during my PK (post kids) era quite often:

  1. You must take the one you touch
  2. You must take the one you licked
  3. I will serve no cookie (or anything else) before its time

Dreamsicle Punch

I purchased the ingredients for the punch and kept all items except the soda in freezer, ready to go in 1 bag.  I stealthfully left the service after the sermon and went to the lower level kitchen, where I had stashed my supplies.  It was super easy to dump the frozen orange juice and lemonade, which were slightly thawed by this time, and easy to remove from the can.  Then, I scooped out the sherbet, carried the punch bowl to Ascension room and emptied contents of the cream soda bottles into the punch.

Here are the lovely Melanie and Kiana enjoying the punch at the reception.



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