Taffy Apple Salad


Happy Halloween! In lieu of costume for school, here is a robotic shirt/sweatshirt

It’s a little belated, but hoping you had a wonderful holiday season, which always starts with Halloween at our house! This was the first year for no party or costumes at school.   I surprised them with Halloween shirts/sweatshirts to wear during school.


I’m not sure, but I bet it was colder on Halloween than Christmas thanks to the famous Polar vortex we were living through again this Fall.  Look how the retailers are trying to cash in on this weather phenomena.


Taffy Apple Salad

When Julie and I met to review recipes left to make from the cookbook, I thought this looked like a neat recipe with lots of things my family loves- pineapple, apples, nuts, and yes, marshmallows and sugar!!  Taffy apples represent Fall/Halloween, so this was a great opportunity to make this delicious salad from page 17. Luckily, Queen Elsa (from Frozen, in case you missed this epic Disney phenomena) agreed to assist me with preparing the salad.

IMG_1917 IMG_1919

Queen Elsa is an old fashioned monarch.  Luckily, she chose to wear an undergarment beneath her royal gown to prevent potential wardrobe malfunctions.  The Queen Mum searched high and low, but could only find the a suitable garment on a clearance rack in a much larger size than her majesty currently wears.   Queen Elsa also prefers beating her eggs the “old fashioned way”- with a wisk vs. an electric mixer. The eggs were mixed with pineapple juice, flour, sugar, and vinegar, then were poured into a small sauce pan.  After the mixture thickened, I put it our on the porch (in lieu of the refrigerator) to chill.


In this picture, her Highness is mixing cool whip, pineapple tidbits and chopped apples with the egg/juice/sugar/flour mixture.

Because I was concerned about a potential egg allergy with friends we were going to share this with,  I nixed adding the chopped dry roasted peanuts.   It was a fun addition to a Halloween gathering we co-hosted with our next door neighbors.  We were thrilled to share the warmth of their garage as kids were trick or treating and checking out the club house.



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