Desserts – Chocolate Cinnamon Cake and Chocolate Meringue Bars

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2015 gives you many grace-filled days as you journey through the year. Now I’m passing the microphone over to Nancy…

Hi, Nancy here, just realized the date & thought I’d better get my last 2 items in while in 2014. I think Julie & Kelly (with a little help from their friends) are going to finish the cookbook project.  Can’t wait to hear what Julie has in mind for 2015!!
2014 was a good year for our family and friends. We have much to look forward to in 2015.
Surprise, surprise I made two chocolate cakes for my daughter Patti’s birthday. They were very different, but both delicious.
The first was Cinnamon Chocolate Cake p. 77. This recipe is from pastor’s mom & his favorite birthday cake. I did give the Stieg’s some leftover cake. (Julie here: for which we were grateful! Yum!)


The second cake is contributed by Monique H. (p. 76), Chocolate Meringue bars and also delish. I do enjoy making meringue.


(Julie here: meringue sounds difficult to me. Glad Nancy took this one on! Even spelling it is tricky…)

The family enjoyed both birthday treats.


Julie again: (I know, I won’t shut up) Thank you, Nancy for adding your contributions here, not only for baking the treats but also taking photos and writing about them. My one question is: why isn’t Patti blowing out her candles? 🙂



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