Rice Casserole

Broth, Consommé or Stock?

Here is an interesting cooking question I had as I prepared this recipe that called for consommé-  is there any difference between broth, consommé or stock? I have become an indiscriminant cook who uses these interchangeably.

Stock is the basis of many dishes – soups, stews, sauces, and gravies. Broth and consommé are both types of soup.  According to ochef.com, Consommé is the most refined soup made from stock. The stock is reduced. Then ground beef or chicken, additional aromatic vegetables, and frothy egg whites are added to the boiling stock. The egg whites coagulate on top, acting as a filter that collects impurities in the stock during 45 minutes to an hour of simmering. The consommé is strained through a towel, and, often, Madeira or sherry are added.

Rice Casserole

Well, unfortunately, I read this important piece of information about consommé vs. broth after I put the rice casserole in the oven.  This casserole would be a great and easy addition to serve with chicken, turkey or fish brought to us by Lynda M, who also contributed similar recipe for flavored rice.  I found this on page 56 with the Main Dishes, but in my mind it belongs with the side dishes.  The preparation for this dish was minimal… Lynda suggested canned mushroom, but I used some dried ones, and frozen diced onions and peppers  To keep the sodium content down, I used a low salt broth I found recently from Jewel.


I love the brick containers with easy pour spout, great for storing leftover broth in the fridge.

Here is the rice casserole after it came out of the oven.  A nice accompaniment to rotisserie chicken we were having for dinner.  Thanks Lynda!



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