Main Dishes – Cheeseburger Pie

Ointments and Such

I’ve been back to reading more diaries from the covered wagon journals, and discovered something new to be thankful for. In the accounts, one diarist mentions using axle grease as: a) grease for the wagon’s axles, b) chapstick, and c) calamine lotion. Ew! Axle grease!

I was looking through my medicine cabinet recently and realized I have an ointment or cream for just about every body part. I use Vaseline for my lips at night, but during the day use Carmex. I use Bath and Body Works lotions for my limbs. I had some eczema or something weird in my ear, so my doctor prescribed an ointment for that.

Just look at the shelves of a drug store–there’s benedryl cream, cream for athlete’s foot, lotions, moisturizers, and gels for face, hair, body and other unmentionables. It’s kinda crazy when you start thinking about it.

But then again, I think about using axle grease for all of these purposes, and man, am I glad I don’t have to pull out my WD-40 to treat a mosquito bite!

Cheeseburger Pie

This is an old standard. I’ve been making this dish most of our married life. It’s tasty, quick, and while not a gourmet offering, it’s a good weeknight meal.

I started with 99% fat free ground beef, browned with onion and topped it with low-fat cheese. Then eggs, milk, and bisquick are mixed together and poured over the top.

photo 1-16

It looks rather unassuming going into the oven. But on its way out, it forms a nice doughy top that pulls it all together.

photo 2-15

It’s a delicious dish! It’s fairly easy to make, and a great dinnertime meal!

photo 3-13

This recipe (p. 41) comes from Stacie P. It’s a keeper! You may remember that I made another cheeseburger pie back at the beginning of March. That one used crescent rolls instead of bisquick. I tend to prefer the bisquick, but that was a good option too.




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  1. Betcha Lucy likes Cheeseburger Pie too. Looks pretty yummy to this old codger. In your summary of greases and stuff, you forgot to mention “3-In One Oil – – Lubricates, Cleans & Prevents Rust.” Wonder if it’s needed after Cheeseburger Pie?

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